Privacy Policy

Introduction: With the development of new communication tools, it is necessary to pay particular attention to the protection of privacy. This is why we are committed to respecting the confidentiality of the personal information we collect.

Collection of Personal Information

We only collect the following information:

  • Name
  • First name
  • Mailing address
  • Postal Code
  • Email address
  • Telephone / Fax number

The personal information we collect is collected through forms and through the interactivity established between you and our website. We also use, as described in the following section, cookies and/or logs to gather information about you.

Forms and interactivity

Your personal information is collected through forms, namely :

  • Website Registration Form
  • Order Form

We use the information we collect for the following purposes:

  • Follow-up of the order
  • Information / Promotional offers
  • Statistics
  • Contact

Your information is also collected through the interactivity that may occur between you and our website in the following ways:

  • Website management (presentation, organization)

We use the information we collect for the following purposes:

  • Customer Relationship
  • Improving our products

Right of opposition and withdrawal

We are committed to providing you with the right to object and withdraw your personal information. The right of opposition is the possibility offered to Internet users to refuse that their personal information be used for certain purposes mentioned at the time of collection. The right of withdrawal is the possibility offered to Internet users to request that their personal information no longer appear, for example, on a mailing list. To exercise these rights, you can : E-mail: Website section:


We undertake to comply with the legislative provisions set out in the relevant French legislation.

Intellectual Property 

Ruban Rouge is a trademark registered with the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI). The models, drawings, logos, photos, objects and images proposed by the website are the property of Ruban Rouge and are protected by intellectual property law. The buyer acknowledges that the use he can make of the ordered products is limited to a use in conformity with their destination. Any other use of the models, drawings, logos, photos, objects and images, such as reproduction, commercialization, diffusion and edition by anyone is strictly forbidden and constitutes an infringement that may be punished criminally and civilly.