Straight from the bowels of the Mediterranean Sea and inspired by the modern world, Ruban Rouge® jewellery is entirely created, manufactured and/or assembled in the heart of the Phoenician city, in our workshop. If you already own or have just acquired one of our jewels, some advice may be useful.

Although our jewellery is designed to be exposed to water occasionally, we recommend that you remove it when swimming or during strenuous physical and sporting activities... to maximize its life span and preserve its brilliance for as long as possible.

We strongly advise against exposing our leather jewellery to water.

Indeed all our jewels are entirely realized with a silver, ruthenium or fine gold plating. We therefore advise you to limit their contact to your skin only and avoid interlacing or knocking them with other jewellery or less noble materials, this could damage or scratch them.

When you are not wearing your jewelry, it is recommended that you store it in its protective pouch and/or Red Ribbon case, which was offered to you when you purchased it in store or through our E-shopso that it can be easily transported, preserved and braved the weather.

However, if, despite our advice, you have a technical question or a query regarding the care of our jewellery, please send us a message via our mail form or contact our workshop at the following address: